“He was just another guy” — Snoop Dogg doesn't think Michael Jordan is the GOAT

Not only does Snoop not have MJ as the GOAT - his favorite player of all time is not a Laker.

Rap icon  has long been an NBA fan. In fact, he spent his 51st birthday hosting a celebrity basketball game. And like any other basketball enthusiast, Snoop also has his take on the everlasting greatest player of all time debate.

MJ is not the GOAT

Ever since the GOAT conversations began,  has always been one of the obvious candidates. However, Snoop has never considered “His Airness” in that discussion.

In an appearance on “” in 2019, the famous West Coast rapper refuted Skip Bayless’ statement, “

Known for being one of the smartest rappers of all time, Snoop had a quick rebuttal. Using Skip’s words, Snoop reversed it and referred to Jordan as “” stressing MJ was exposed when he returned after his first retirement in 1993.

“” Snoop pointed out. “”

As an LA native and a longtime Los Angeles Lakers fan, Snoop added that guys like  and  would always be above Jordan in the GOAT talks.

“” he continued. “”

Snoop’s all-time fave is no Laker

Reckoning Jordan is not the greatest of all time because he failed to win a championship in 1995 was indeed a bold statement. But in all fairness to Snoop, he still includes MJ on his all-time favorite list.

Revealing his top five players of all time in 2020, Snoop puts Larry Bird, Jordan, and of course, two Lakers legends on it - Magic and Kareem. And to every Lakers fan’s surprise, Snoop’s all-time favorite player was no Laker.

According to the award-winning rap star, that spot belongs to former San Antonio Spurs guard George Gervin simply because “Iceman” resembles his game.

“” Snoop . “”

Snoop’s picks would surely raise a couple of eyebrows, but at the end of the day, every NBA fan is entitled to pick their own GOAT.

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