Angel Reese Throws Shade at Former Coach, Embraces Kim Mulkey After Impressive Performance.

Angel Reese, a standout basketball player for the University of Maryland, recently made headlines after an impressive performance on the court. However, it was her comments off the court that caught people's attention. Reese took the opportunity to criticize her former coach while praising her new coach, Kim Mulkey.

Reese's performance was truly remarkable as she recorded an astounding 26 points and 28 rebounds in a game. The stats alone would have been enough to make headlines, but it was her post-game remarks that added an extra layer of drama.

The talented player made it clear that she was not particularly fond of her former coach, whose name was not mentioned in the article.

Reese's comments seemed to imply that she did not enjoy playing under her previous coach and that it was a key factor in her decision to transfer to the University of Maryland.

Reese didn't hold back when expressing her admiration for Kim Mulkey, her new coach. Mulkey is a highly respected figure in women's basketball and her hiring by the University of Maryland was seen as a major coup. Reese made it clear that Mulkey's coaching style and expertise was one of the main reasons why she chose to come to Maryland.

The article goes on to discuss the impact that Reese has had on the Maryland team since joining them.

Her talent and skillset have been a game-changer for the team, and she has quickly established herself as a dominant force on the court.

While it is not uncommon for players to have differences with their coaches, Reese's comments were particularly pointed and drew attention due to her outstanding performance in the game. Her success on the court seemed to validate her decision to transfer and reinforced her praise for her new coach.

The article concludes by highlighting the potential implications of Reese's comments. It suggests that her remarks about her former coach may create some tension in the world of women's college basketball.


It remains to be seen how her former coach will respond to the criticism, and whether it will have any impact on Reese's relationship with her former team.

In summary, Angel Reese's exceptional performance on the court was overshadowed by her comments about her former coach and her admiration for her new coach, Kim Mulkey. Reese's criticisms of her previous coach and praise for Mulkey have sparked interest in the women's college basketball community, and it will be interesting to see how this situation unfolds in the future.

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