Kim Mulkey Calls Foul Play as LSU Tigers Duel with Mizzou: Angel Reese Takes Down Frank

In a recent basketball game between the LSU Tigers and the Mizzou, there was a controversial intentional foul committed by Angel Reese on a player named Frank. As Frank was going for a layup, Reese aggressively pulled him down, resulting in a foul. After the incident, LSU coach Kim Mulkey strongly expressed her disagreement with the call, exclaiming that it was a flop.

The incident took place during a highly competitive game between the two teams. As Frank was making a move towards the basket, Reese grabbed him and forcefully brought him down. The referees quickly called an intentional foul, indicating that Reese had deliberately committed the foul.

However, Mulkey, who was standing on the sidelines, vehemently disagreed with the call. She believed that Frank had exaggerated the contact and accused him of flopping, which refers to a player intentionally exaggerating a foul in order to draw a whistle from the referees.

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