Bali's Captured Cantankerous Feline

Once upon a time in Bali, a 10-year-old cat named Billie Blue was discovered in a metal works yard. Her fur was covered in spray paint, and she appeared to have never been washed before. When the rescuers asked her owner if they could adopt her, the owner didn't hesitate to hand her over. It was clear that the owner had no connection or love for the poor cat, as they hadn't even given her a name. Billie Blue was taken to the vet, where they realized she was actually a female and had dwarfism, similar to the famous Grumpy Cat. She was infested with parasites, fleas, and had no front teeth. It was a sad and uncomfortable life she had been living.

Currently, Billie Blue is in foster care with a kind couple who are waiting to see if their dog accepts her. If all goes well, they would love to give her a new lease on life during her retirement. Billie Blue is a sweet and friendly cat who craves affection. If you'd like to support other cats or dogs like Billie Blue, consider donating to help build The Healing Centre, a safe space for sick and injured animals to recover and heal.

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