Ariana Grande threatens legal action against Fantasize leakers

Ariana Grande responded to the leakage of her song Fantasize by threatening legal action against the perpetrators. In an interview on the Zach Sang Show, the singer clarified that Fantasize was a parody song for a TV show, not meant for her album. She expressed frustration at the leakage, calling it illegal and accusing the leakers of being thieves. Grande later released the tracklist for her upcoming album Eternal Sunshine, set for release on March 8. The album includes songs like Intro (End of the World), Bye, Don't Wanna Break Up Again, Saturn Returns Interlude, Eternal Sunshine, Supernatural, True Story, The Boy Is Mine, Yes, And?, We Can't Be Friends, I Wish I Hated You, Imperfect For You, and Ordinary Things featuring her 98-year-old grandmother. While some ideas from her leaked studio sessions made it onto the album, Grande emphasized that they had evolved and were now different. She also expressed discomfort at hearing A.I. versions of her songs being circulated.

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