Blake Lively Reveals Husband Ryan Reynolds' Workout Secrets | E! News

Actress Blake Lively recently shared some "thirst content" of her husband, actor Ryan Reynolds, at the gym. The couple is known for their playful banter and public displays of affection on social media. Lively posted a photo on Instagram showing Reynolds working out shirtless, with the caption jokingly accusing him of using steroids. The post garnered a lot of attention and humorous responses from fans, with many praising Reynolds' physique and sense of humor. This latest post is just one example of the couple's lighthearted and loving interactions online, proving that they continue to be #relationshipgoals for many of their followers. Ultimately, Lively's playful post showcasing her husband's gym session highlights the couple's fun and supportive relationship, as well as their ability to make light of everyday situations.

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