Scarlett Johansson Praises Former Spouse Ryan Reynolds as "A Kind Gentleman" | E! News

Scarlett Johansson recently praised her ex-husband Ryan Reynolds, calling him "a good guy" during an interview with E! News. Despite their divorce in 2011, Johansson had positive things to say about Reynolds, highlighting their ability to maintain a good relationship. The actress emphasized that they share a deep friendship and mutual respect, which has allowed them to co-parent their daughter in a healthy and amicable way. Johansson's comments shed light on the importance of positive co-parenting relationships, even after a romantic relationship has ended. Despite the challenges of divorce, Johansson and Reynolds serve as an example of how ex-partners can come together for the well-being of their child. Johansson's kind words towards Reynolds showcase maturity and a positive outlook on their past relationship, reflecting a desire to focus on the present and future co-parenting dynamic.

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