Angie Harmon's Deceased Dog Did Bite Instacart Worker, Cops Claim

Actress Angie Harmon faced a heartbreaking ordeal when her beloved dog, Oliver, was shot and killed by an Instacart shopper over Easter weekend. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD revealed that they have decided not to press charges against the shopper, Christopher, as they believe he acted in self-defense. The police noted that Christopher had visible bite marks on him from the dog, and despite his past arrest record, he is legally allowed to own a firearm. However, Christopher has been banned from providing services for Instacart, as the company has a zero-tolerance policy for violence and aggression. While Angie may feel that justice has not been served, the police have announced that they will not be releasing any further information on the case. This tragic incident serves as a reminder of the importance of strict guidelines and policies surrounding safety in the gig economy.

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