Caitlin Clark's Outrage Over Disputed Logo 3 Non-Call During #3 Iowa Hawkeyes Game

Caitlin Clark, the star player of the #3 Iowa Hawkeyes women's basketball team, was left furious after an incredible logo three-pointer was not counted in a recent game. During a closely contested match, Clark managed to make an impressive shot from the team's logo while being fouled by an opponent. However, much to her dismay, the referees ruled the shot as invalid.

The incident occurred during a crucial moment of the game, when the Hawkeyes were trailing their opponents. Clark's incredible long-range shot would have considerably closed the score gap and given her team a much-needed boost. 

Clark's frustration with the call was evident, as she voiced her strong displeasure towards the referee in a post-game interview. Despite her anger, the talented player maintained her composure and acknowledged that such decisions were a part of the game.

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