Steven Spielberg Reviews ‘Dune 2’: “One of the Most Brilliant Sci-Fi Films I’ve Ever Seen”

Steven Spielberg has shared his thoughts on Dune: Part Two, offering high praise for director Denis Villeneuve's sequel. The renowned filmmaker commended the visual epic and the depth of the characters. He highlighted the scarcity of dialogue in proportion to the film's runtime, describing it as true cinema with painterly shots. Spielberg also lauded the portrayal of water in the movie, calling attention to the desert resembling an ocean and the sand worms as sea serpents. He particularly admired the scene of Paul surfing the sand worm. Furthermore, Villeneuve's meticulous approach to shooting and the effects work on the spice harvesters also earned Spielberg's admiration, leading him to declare Villeneuve as one of the world's premier world-building fantasy directors. During their conversation, Villeneuve mentioned Zendaya's keen interest in his direction, hinting at potential ventures behind the camera for the talented actress.

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