Katy Perry Details "Vault" of Clothes She Plans to Pass Down to Daughter Daisy Dove

Katy Perry revealed that she meticulously stores her iconic outfits to pass down to her daughter, Daisy Dove, when she gets older. She commented that every artist has a vault, and she has one as well. Katy admitted that she plans to rehome many of her clothes in the future, as she needs to do some spring cleaning. When asked if she needs multiple warehouses to store her iconic looks, Katy revealed that she has one warehouse with employees dedicated to it. Although it will be a few years before her daughter can wear any of the outfits, Daisy has already shown to be a fan of her mom's performances.

Katy shared that Daisy loved her Las Vegas residency and danced in the audience. After wrapping up her residency, Katy is enjoying a more balanced life with her daughter and fiancé Orlando Bloom. She mentioned the importance of a well-planned calendar for scheduling date nights. Alongside this news, the article includes several sweet moments between Katy and Orlando, including PDA at Wimbledon, spending time with Angelina Jolie and her daughter, and celebrating birthdays and anniversaries together.

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