Jake Paul Drops Lil Pump With Body Shot

Jake Paul recently showcased his boxing skills by delivering a brutal body shot to Soundcloud rapper Lil Pump during an episode of his podcast, "BS with Jake Paul." Pump, known for his hit song "Gucci Gang," willingly asked Paul to punch him in the stomach as hard as he could, demonstrating his commitment to the stunt.

After the podcast episode, Paul and Pump headed to the boxing ring where Paul unleashed a fierce punch aimed at Pump's liver, causing him to hit the canvas in pain. Despite Paul's warning, Pump was slow to get up, but appears to be doing fine according to his social media updates.

While fans may be excited about Paul's boxing abilities, some are raising concerns as Paul is set to fight boxing legend Mike Tyson in the upcoming months. Tyson has expressed his determination to make Paul regret stepping into the ring with him.

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