Pregnant Carrie Underwood Rehearses for AMAs as Mike Fisher Compliments Her 'Canadian Tuxedo'

As the American Music Awards draw near, pregnant country star Carrie Underwood is diligently preparing for her performance. With just a few days left, Underwood proudly showcased her growing baby bump in a rehearsal snapshot. Dressed in a striking denim-tuxedo ensemble, she stood poised in front of the microphone, eyes closed in dramatic anticipation.

Adding a touch of humor, Underwood's husband, Mike Fisher, playfully teased her choice of attire, referring to it as a "Canadian tuxedo" on Twitter. Meanwhile, Underwood excitedly announced that she would be performing her latest album's track "#SpinningBottles" at the awards ceremony.

Despite facing challenges like a scar from a previous fall and personal insecurities, Underwood remains resilient. In a recent revelation, she opened up about the journey to body confidence and the importance of embracing imperfections.

Expecting her second child with Fisher, Underwood radiates joy and enthusiasm for both her expanding family and her music career as she gears up for the highly anticipated event on Tuesday. Her determination and positivity serve as an inspiration, reflecting her unwavering commitment to both her artistry and her role as a mother.

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