“No doubt Tom is her person”: Fans Will Have to Wait a Little Longer to See MCU’s Power Couple Tom Holland and Zendaya Get Married

Tom Holland and Zendaya’s relationship has become the talk of the town for years now after they first worked together in . From there, the duo has become inseparable and were spotted many times in public displaying gestures of affection.

Many fans ask when the couple will finally tie the knot, though it looks like they are just enjoying their time together without the pressure from society.

Tom Holland And Zendaya Are Not Yet Getting Married

An insider shared via that has “,” and that moving in together was “

.” The source also added:

“They’re just happy to be together. There’s no pressure to get married at all. Moving in together just seemed like the natural next step to take in their relationship. It feels right.”

It is definitely great news for some fans to know that and Zendaya’s relationship gets stronger and more serious each day. Even without the concept of marriage yet, the pair has been very expressive of their love for each other.

They have been very supportive of each other’s careers, and they show it by attending premieres together or posting sweet messages on social media.

The insider further shared with the outlet:

“They both work so hard that they love the idea of coming home to each other. It will be such a game changer.”

Some fans might feel upset that Holland and Zendaya are not yet considering anytime soon, but others are just simply happy that they finally moved in together to spend more quality time and ultimately get to know each other better before they jump into the next phase of their relationship.

Tom Holland On His Relationship With Zendaya


Holland and Zendaya’s romance has long been a public interest, but they try to stay away from the spotlight as much as possible. In his interview via podcast, the actor revealed:

“I try my best to keep it as private as possible; we both feel very strongly that that is the healthiest way to move on as a couple.”

The 27-year-old star also remarked how it gives him comfort and solace knowing he is in a relationship with someone who knows the struggle of living in the limelight. For Holland, it makes things easier to bear. He shared via the podcast via :

“It’s interesting being in a romantic relationship with someone that is in the same boat as you.


You can share your experiences and all that sort of stuff — and that’s worth its weight in gold.”

The Marvel couple is certainly taking their time enjoying their youth and freedom without the responsibility of marriage yet, so when that time comes, they are both ready to face the next chapter of their lives. For fans waiting for Holland and Zendaya to say their wedding vows, you may need to wait a few more years.

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