Michael Jordan On Kobe Bryant After Playing Against Him For The Last Time: “Kobe Is The Star Of The Future… If He Maintains A Certain Mental Approach, He Can Become A Great Professional Basketball Player.”

Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant were incredibly similar players. Both Jordan and Kobe were athletic shooting guards who were also gifted scorers. The two legends didn't actually play in the league at the same time for too long. And their respective peaks came at very different points in their careers. But Jordan knew just how good Kobe could be, even when he was just 20 years old.

Kobe Bryant played against Michael Jordan for the last time when Jordan was a Chicago Bull in 1998. Jordan had an excellent game against Kobe, who had become an All-Star for the first time. After the game, Jordan had a lot of kind words for Kobe, noting that he could become a superstar like him because he had the talent, but needed to have the drive and focus to achieve his goals.

"Kobe is the star of the future. You see similarities in his game as well as my game. If he maintains a certain mental approach, he can become a great professional basketball player."

Michael Jordan taught Kobe a lot of things, including his signature turnaround fadeaway, something . . 

Kobe and Jordan had their first iconic showdown at the 1998 NBA All-Star game, as Kobe decided to challenge Jordan, and Jordan responded by putting on a performance for the ages and ended up winning All-Star game MVP. Kobe and Jordan became friends that day, and Jordan would become a mentor for Kobe. .

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