Dominique Wilkins shares what made Kobe Bryant the closest thing to Michael Jordan - "You don't realize how good they really were"


Choosing the greatest NBA player of all time is a complex process that involves comparing players from many different eras, but a few names stand out, the ones of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Mike and Kobe are two of the greatest basketball players ever to grace the court. Their incredible skill and dedication to the game have earned them a special place in the history of the NBA. And although the  icon is the undisputed GOAT for many fans and players, many agree that the late  great is the closest anyone will get to him.

, a high-flying legend, also shares this opinion: "


Two of the greatest ever

As the debate about who is the greatest of all time becomes more and more narrow, some opinions have formed that discredit the legends, overlooking their achievements and importance on the court due to recency bias. But Human Highlight Film claims that everyone who has ever met either of them knows they are two of the best and most talented players ever since he was lucky enough to play both.

The legend claimed on the recent episode of The Knuckleheads podcast.

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In the post-Jordan era,  became a near-exact replica of , which is appropriate given the big brother-little brother mentoring relationship they developed. Both players had a tenacious work ethic that enabled them to keep raising the bar on their abilities. They were well-known for their rigorous off-season training schedule and attention to detail. And that "killer" mentality was quickly reflected in how they played because every time they stepped on the court, the opponents would know it was a matter of life and death.

His Airness had a more impressive career than the Black Mamba (achievement-wise), winning more MVPs (5-1), Finals MVPs (6-2), and scoring titles (10-2). Though he played 20 seasons, Bryant outlasted him in terms of longevity. He also played most of those seasons at a high level, as proven by his 18 All-Star Game appearances and 11 first-team All-NBA honors (14 and 10 for Jordan, respectively).


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