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The article discusses CMT's show "Orange County Choppers," focusing on Paul Sr.'s passion for muscle cars and his love for animals. The show follows Paul Teutul Sr. as he showcases his impressive collection of muscle cars and introduces viewers to his furry friends. Paul Sr.'s love for both muscle cars and animals is highlighted throughout the series, providing a unique look into his personal interests and hobbies. The show appeals to viewers who share Paul Sr.'s interests in cars and animals, as it offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into his life outside of the renowned Orange County Choppers shop.

Through "Orange County Choppers," viewers are able to see a different side of Paul Sr. as he shares his enthusiasm for both muscle cars and his beloved furry friends. Overall, the show provides a fun and entertaining look at Paul Sr.'s dual passions and showcases his personality beyond the world of custom motorcycles.

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