The Truth Behind Why North West Chooses to Stay with Kanye and Bianca Censori

In a recent interview, Kim Kardashian revealed the reason why her daughter North West prefers living with her father Kanye West and his girlfriend Bianca Censori. Kardashian explained that North enjoys spending time with her father and his girlfriend because they have a more laid-back lifestyle compared to her own. She mentioned that their home is more relaxed and comfortable, allowing North to have a different experience from her structured and busy life with her mother. Kardashian emphasized that she supports North's decision to spend time with her father and his partner, as she believes it is important for her daughter to have a close relationship with both parents. She also mentioned that co-parenting with Kanye has been a positive experience for all involved. Kardashian's honesty and open communication about her family dynamics shed light on the importance of allowing children to have different experiences and relationships with each parent.

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