Ex-Nickelodeon Host Marc Summers Walked Out Of 'Quiet On Set' Interview

Former Nickelodeon host Marc Summers has revealed that he walked out of his interview for the 'Quiet on Set' documentary due to feeling misled by producers. Summers claims he was not informed of the true intentions behind the documentary, which focused on exposing toxic workplace claims at the network. Initially thinking it was a harmless look-back at his Nickelodeon days, Summers alleges that he was shown unsettling footage without prior knowledge. When producers revealed that the doc would address actor Drake Bell's allegations of teenage sexual assault and accusations against Dan Schneider, Summers decided to leave the interview.

Despite being initially removed from the documentary, he later learned that his positive remarks about Nick had earned him a spot. Summers clarified that all the allegations occurred after his time as host of "Double Dare" from 1986-1993. The fallout and aftermath of the documentary are set to be covered in the upcoming fifth episode airing on April 7.

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