Why Harry Potter Fans Should Be Excited About This Upcoming Movie

Dedicated followers of the Harry Potter series have something new to look forward to this November as a movie reminiscent of the popular Wizarding World is set to hit the screens. Wicked, a musical that saw great success on Broadway, is now making its way to the big screen, promising an extraordinary narrative of friendship, rivalries, and magical adventures.

The story revolves around Glinda and Elphaba, two witches with contrasting personalities who meet at Shiz University, a sorcery school akin to Hogwarts from the Harry Potter universe. Elphaba, with her distinct green skin, sets herself apart from her peers, while Glinda, favored by popularity, leads a seemingly perfect life.

Despite their differences, the two forge an unlikely friendship that evolves into a complex relationship as they navigate through the challenges of Oz.

As depicted in the book adaptation, Wicked delves into the backstory of The Wizard of Oz, shedding light on the origins of iconic characters like Glinda and the Wicked Witch of the West, now known as Elphaba. Cynthia Erivo and Ariana Grande take on the roles of Elphaba and Glinda, delivering compelling performances that breathe life into the characters and their captivating journey.

Joining the stellar cast are familiar faces like Jeff Goldblum, Michelle Yeoh, Keala Settle, and Ethan Slater, each adding depth and dimension to the enchanting world of Oz.

With a narrative that challenges preconceived notions of good and evil, Wicked offers viewers a fresh perspective on classic characters, inviting them to explore the complexities of morality and fate.

What sets Wicked apart is its unique blend of magic, music, and compelling storytelling that captures the essence of friendship, sacrifice, and redemption. The movie, split into two parts to ensure the integrity of the plot, promises to captivate audiences with its grandeur and emotional depth, leaving them eager for the sequel.

Directed by the talented Jon M. Chu, known for his masterful touch in storytelling and visual aesthetics, Wicked is poised to become a cinematic masterpiece that resonates with both fans of the original musical and newcomers alike.


As the story unfolds on screen, viewers will be transported to a world where witchcraft, friendship, and destiny collide in a spellbinding tale that will leave a lasting impression. Get ready to embark on a journey to Oz like never before, where the lines between good and evil blur, and the true nature of power is revealed in the most unexpected ways.

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