9-Year-Old Leads Highway Patrol on High Speed Chase While 'Driving Himself to School'

A 9-year-old child took his mother's car for a drive in Oroville, California, catching the attention of the California Highway Patrol in an unexpected turn of events. The incident occurred during a morning rush when an officer spotted a Volkswagen parked oddly in an intersection. When the officer instructed the driver to move, the child unexpectedly sped away, initiating a brief and erratic chase that ended in a dirt parking lot nearby.

CHP officers were surprised to discover the young driver behind the wheel, on a mission to drive himself to school. Thankfully, there were no injuries, and the child was safely escorted to school after authorities were notified. This incident underscores the importance of vehicle security and educating children on road safety. CHP hopes it serves as a wake-up call to parents to secure their vehicles and impart driving safety knowledge to the younger generation.

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