Jason Bateman Slammed by PETA for Advertising Dairy Company on Podcast

Jason Bateman is in hot water with PETA after promoting a dairy company on his podcast, Smartless. The animal rights organization has criticized the actor for endorsing what they believe to be false and misleading marketing claims made by Organic Valley, a dairy products company. PETA alleges that cows used for dairy production are subjected to harmful practices such as being forcibly impregnated, hooked up to machines for milking multiple times a day, and separated from their calves. These practices, according to PETA, result in respiratory issues and udder infections for the animals.

PETA is now urging Jason Bateman to reconsider promoting the dairy company on his podcast, expressing concerns that it may mislead the public about the reality of the dairy industry. This is not the first time Jason has faced criticism from PETA, with the organization previously calling out a Super Bowl ad in which he appeared. TMZ has reached out to Jason Bateman for comment but has not received a response yet.

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