Taylor Swift Wears a Bunny Suit as a Baby in Easter Throwback

Taylor Swift Celebrates Easter with Throwback Baby Bunny Clip

Pop star Taylor Swift delighted her fans with a nostalgic throwback clip showing her as a sweet little baby dressed up as a bunny over a month before the actual holiday. In the video posted by TaylorNation, the management team behind Swift's career, the baby TS is being held by her mother in what many believed was her first Easter celebration.

Although some eagle-eyed fans noticed that the date on the video did not coincide with Easter Sunday in 1990, which actually fell on April 15 that year, it didn't stop the excitement. Swift's team cleverly used the footage as a way to playfully reference the singer's love of incorporating Easter eggs in her career, a nod that her devoted fans, known as Swifties, appreciated.

While Swift's current Easter plans remain a mystery given her low-key lifestyle, she continues to connect with her followers through social media and occasional appearances. Regardless, the Easter post was a heartfelt gesture from the singer to her fans, who eagerly await her next move.

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