Wil Wheaton Says Larry David's Jokey Elmo 'Attack' Triggered Old Trauma


Last week, Larry David's controversial interaction with the "Sesame Street" puppet, Elmo, on the 'Today' show has caused quite the stir. While many found it funny, actor Wil Wheaton had a completely different reaction, as it brought up painful memories from his past.

Wheaton, known for his role in 'Star Trek,' took to Facebook to express his outrage towards David. In a lengthy essay, Wheaton criticized David for his actions, calling him "stupid" and "self-centered." Wheaton went on to share that seeing Elmo being treated in such a manner reminded him of the abuse he faced as a child from his father.


Elmo, a beloved character to multiple generations of children, holds a special place in the hearts of many. The segment on the 'Today' show, where Elmo promoted mental health awareness, made David's actions all the more inappropriate and sickening, according to Wheaton.

David did offer an "apology" to Elmo, assuming it was all in good fun. However, Wheaton's reaction shows that the incident struck a nerve, causing him distress and anger.

In conclusion, Wheaton criticized David for belittling and mocking something as significant as mental health awareness, stating that it is not what a real man would do. He called out David, demanding accountability for his actions.


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