Exciting Set Photos: Pregnant Rollins Reunites with Benson on 'SVU'! 📸 Don't Miss the Heartwarming Moment! Click to See the Reunion!

Kelli Giddish is returning to , and set photos from her upcoming appearance reveal that Amanda Rollins will be very pregnant when appearing in the Season 24 finale.

Giddish left  in December 2022. Rollins’ final episode as a series regular featured her wedding with ADA Sonny Carisi, and now she’s pregnant with their first child together (her third overall — she has daughters, Jesse and Billie, from previous relationships). Based on the photos from the set, it seems baby No. 3 will be arriving soon.

Giddish and Mariska Hargitay switch from serious faces to excited glee in the photos from the set (below).

They pose for the camera as Hargitay holds the baby bump, and the shots also feature Chris Meloni as Elliot Stabler. Giddish will also be appearing in the penultimate episode of Meloni’s  Season 3, which could explain why he’s on set with his longtime  co-stars.

The trio appears to be investigating a crime scene in the more serious shots. Check out the reunion:

In the December 2022 episode, Rollins left her job to become an adjunct professor of criminal behavior at Fordham University. Stabler will seek her expertise in Season 3 Episode 21 of  on May 11.

“When DNA from an SVU rape investigation connects to an OCCB unsolved murder, Stabler and Benson uncover a revenge-for-hire scheme on the dark web,” NBC’s logline says. “While Bell and Jet follow the money trail to expose the website’s anonymous creator, Stabler asks Professor Rollins for help with a key clue.”

Giddish will then return for the season finales of  and on Thursday, May 18.

Check out fan reactions to the #Rollivia reunion below.

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