Missing '1923' actor Cole Brings Plenty, 27, found dead in Kansas

It's a sad day in Hollywood as we mourn the loss of actor Cole Brings Plenty, who was found dead in Kansas after being missing since Sunday. The details surrounding his death are still murky, with deputies discovering his body in a wooded area but not divulging the cause of his demise.

Known for his role in the "Yellowstone" spinoff, "1923," Cole's disappearance sparked concern and fear among his loved ones, including his uncle Moses Brings Plenty, who also stars in "Yellowstone." Moses fearfully raised awareness about his nephew's absence, casting doubt on the domestic violence allegations that were swirling around the case.

As Cole's phone remained off and his family described the situation as "anomalous," the sense of worry escalated. The Lawrence police even filed an affidavit for his arrest, further adding to the mystery shrouding his disappearance.

Despite the tragic outcome, Cole's father expressed gratitude for the support received during the search, and the family, known for their Lakota heritage on the show, conveyed their appreciation for everyone who helped in the search efforts.

The abrupt and dramatic events surrounding Cole's disappearance and untimely death have left the entertainment industry and fans in shock and mourning. The legacy of his work and the impact he made on those around him will continue to live on as we remember him fondly.

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