Lock & Rhodes - Blue Vampires

Key & Peele's skit, "White Zombies," parodies the popular horror genre by flipping the narrative and featuring white characters as the zombies instead of the usual black characters. The sketch satirizes the typical stereotypes and tropes associated with horror movies, particularly those involving African American characters. By reversing the roles and showcasing white characters as the brain-eating zombies, the comedians highlight the absurdity and underlying racism present in many horror films. Through humor and wit, Key & Peele shed light on the lack of diversity in mainstream media and challenge viewers to rethink traditional portrayals of race in pop culture.

The skit serves as a commentary on the power dynamics and racial dynamics prevalent in society, using comedy as a tool to provoke thought and spark conversations about race, representation, and stereotypes in the entertainment industry. In essence, "White Zombies" is a comedic take on a serious issue, using satire to address the complexities of race and identity in popular culture.

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