The Eternal Youth of Simon Helberg: Unveiling the Vampire Secret of Howard Wolowitz in TBBT!

Simon Helberg, the actor known for his portrayal of Howard Wolowitz in the popular sitcom The Big Bang Theory, has been rumored to possess age-defying abilities. According to a recent article, it is suggested that Helberg may actually be a vampire, explaining his seemingly eternal youthfulness throughout the show's run.

The article points out that despite The Big Bang Theory airing from 2007 to 2019, Helberg's appearance remained virtually unchanged. This has sparked speculation among fans and experts alike, leading to the belief that his character Howard Wolowitz may be a vampire.

The article delves into various pieces of evidence to support this theory.

Firstly, it notes that Helberg's facial features have remained consistent over the years, with no visible signs of aging. Additionally, his hairline and overall physique have remained uncannily static, defying the natural progression of time.

The suggestion of Helberg's vampiric nature gains further credence when examining his character in The Big Bang Theory. Howard Wolowitz is known for his love of all things vampire-related, often making references to the popular culture associated with these immortal creatures. This has led fans to suspect that the show's creators may have subtly incorporated this aspect into Howard's character, hinting at the truth behind Helberg's agelessness.

Furthermore, the article highlights several instances in which Howard displays peculiar behaviors that align with traditional vampire traits. These include his aversion to sunlight, an insatiable need for attention, and his exceptional ability to manipulate certain situations to his advantage.

While the article presents these arguments, it does state that they should be taken with a pinch of salt. It acknowledges that the idea of Simon Helberg being a real vampire is, at best, a playful and imaginative theory. However, the article suggests that it adds an intriguing layer to the already beloved character of Howard Wolowitz.


In conclusion, the article explores the notion that Simon Helberg, the actor who played Howard Wolowitz on The Big Bang Theory, may be a vampire. It cites his lack of visible aging throughout the show's duration and his character's affinity for vampire-related themes as evidence. Though the article maintains a lighthearted tone and acknowledges the speculative nature of the theory, it serves to pique readers' interest in considering this amusing possibility.

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