Radio Host Hilariously Finds Out Live On-Air That They Booked The Wrong Randy Moss To Interview


During Super Bowl Week, you see Radio Row filled with celebrities and athletes giving interviews to various news and radio outlets.

CBS Sports and WFAN’s “Boomer and Gin” morning radio show booked multiple guests including Randy Moss.

The only problem? They booked the other Randy Moss and not the legendary NFL wide receiver.

After a producer brought up horse racing, Greg Giannotti realized that they made a mistake. Following a debate over whether this was the “real” Randy Moss, the producer couldn’t believe they both had the same name.


“Please tell me that’s fake,” he said.

“You booked the wrong one, you idiot!,” Boomer Esiason said while laughing hysterically. Giannotti confirmed their suspicions by saying “you booked the white Randy Moss!”

“I was thinking like, ‘There’s no way Randy Moss is coming here’,” said Esiason. 

“By the way, I do like the broadcaster Randy Moss, he’s a very nice guy, he loves horse racing, but I can’t wait to hear you call them back and say, ‘We’re gonna have to cancel.’,” he told his producer.

Here’s how it all unfolded live on-air:


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