Nikki Bilderback Open to 'Bring It On' Sequel If Original Cast Agrees

A potential "Bring It On" sequel is gaining traction as former cast members express interest in returning. Nikki Bilderback, who played Whitney in the original 2000 hit film, told TMZ that she would be open to a sequel if the script is strong, and if the other ladies from the original cast sign on. With fans spanning multiple generations, Bilderback is aware of the expectations for the movie to live up to its predecessor. She remains in touch with fellow cast members, including Clare Kramer and Gabrielle Union, suggesting she could help facilitate a reunion. Bilderback envisions a sequel centered around a high school reunion, a fitting concept given the film's theme.

Kirsten Dunst has also hinted at her willingness to reprise her role, adding that she hopes the sequel will be respectful. While the studio has produced multiple sequels in the past, a potential reunion of the original cast would mark the first true sequel. With Bilderback's enthusiasm, it seems like a sequel to "Bring It On" may be on the horizon.

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