Mitch Richmond Outlined Just How Special It Was Hearing Michael Jordan Give Him The Ultimate Compliment

Mitch Richmond recently appeared on the All The Smoke podcast, where he expressed his gratitude for the admiration shown to him by Michael Jordan. Before Kobe Bryant caught his attention, MJ considered the 6x NBA All-Star to be the player most similar to himself. Pod host Matt Barnes highlighted Mitch’s versatility on the court and the high praise he received from Jordan. Richmond found it “special” that Jordan had referred to him as a “mirror image”. “It was a very special moment to hear such compliments from my peers in Sacramento,” Richmond told Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes. The former Rookie of the Year in 1989 used to give Michael Jordan a tough time on both offense and defense.

Known for his quick footwork and ability to intercept, Richmond was a formidable opponent. His offensive skills were also impressive, with a solid shooting range and smooth finesse. His knack for getting to the free-throw line made him even more dangerous. In the 17 games against MJ, the former Kings shooting guard averaged 20.7 points, 3.9 rebounds, 3.4 assists, and 1 steal per game with a respectable shooting percentage of 44.8%, according to Statmuse. The Bulls legend often praised Richmond for his two-way prowess, as reported by Sportscasting’s Martin Fenn. “Mitch is definitely one of the top players in the league.
I’ve always admired his game and he’s always been a tough opponent, and I respect that,” Jordan said about Richmond. Such recognition from a player like Jordan holds significant weight. Despite his talent, Richmond struggled in 13 out of the 17 matchups against the 6x NBA Finals MVP. This highlights the sheer dominance of the 1988 DPOY. In the games against Mitch Richmond, Michael Jordan averaged an impressive 28.6 points, 7.1 rebounds, 5.5 assists, and 1.9 steals per game, shooting an outstanding 53.1% from the field. Richmond was well aware of what Jordan was capable of. During a 2021 interview on the “Getcha Popcorn Ready” pod with Terrell Owens and Matthew Hatchettein, Richmond revealed that he had to make MJ work hard for every point.


However, even that wasn’t a guarantee of stopping him. “You know, some players would say they're too tired to play defense. But the goal is to stop your opponent and make them work. If you didn't make Michael work, he would embarrass you,” Richmond said. It comes as no surprise that the 10x NBA Scoring Champion had every trick in the book. When Jordan stepped onto the court, defenses were at his mercy. Despite being a strong defender, Richmond couldn't contain him, but he did leave a lasting impression on Air Jordan.

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