“Oh my God, she’s amazing”: Zendaya Not Wearing Makeup to Her Spider-Man Audition Might Have Been One of Her Greatest Life Decisions

When it comes to preparing for roles and giving auditions, every actor wants to be at their very best and Zendaya is no exception to that. Starting off as a child actress, she has seen growth not only in her own talent but also in the quality of movies and TV shows she has transitioned into.

From and to and there has been not a single moment of doubt when it comes to such a talented actress.

When getting some of the best roles, there is a strong chance that her previously established fame played a role stronger than many would realize.

However, the same was not the case for Her audition story for Tom Holland’s trilogy was perhaps the most mundane she has ever been seen.

A key factor to her exceptionally successful audition for the role of MJ is connected to her decision not to wear makeup that one day.

Zendaya was Just Like Anyone Else in the Room

has been a renowned figure in the Hollywood industry for as long as fans can remember. Her career did not start when she grew up, but much prior to that. Being a child actress, she had an already established demographic interested in seeing her grow as an actress.

So when she gave her audition for .

“She was wearing no makeup and she was just dressed like a regular girl, and we were like, ‘Oh my God, she’s amazing. She has to be in the movie.’”

It was revealed by Amy Pascal (via ) that when Zendaya first appeared for the audition, she was in the mix of the crowd almost. She looked normal, without any makeup, and unrecognizable.

It was through her sheer talent that the actress managed to impress Jon Watts, Pascal, and Kevin Feige all at once.


Zendaya Came and Went Like an Unrecognized Breeze

Amy Pascal also explained (via Vogue), that because of her not wearing any makeup and looking like a part of the crowd, no one recognized her. It was as if her fame was non-existent. So much so that Kevin Feige and Pascal did not even know that an actress by her name existed.

“To be honest with you, neither Kevin Feige nor I knew who she was,” Pascal stated. “And then we found out she was a totally famous person, and felt really stupid.”

Once they did find out, both of them felt bizarre about the situation and how they were unable to recognize such a famous actress. However, it was her talent alone that enabled her to get the role and not her fame.

Zendaya was able to woo them all with her skills as an actress and with it, bagging the role of MJ in .

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