‘Oppenheimer’ Brings In Extra $2 Million from Japan Release

"Oppenheimer" continues to rake in profits, with the Oscar-winning film making a successful debut in Japan. After premiering in the States 8 months ago, the period drama finally made its way to Japanese theaters over the weekend, earning an impressive $2.5 million. This brings the global ticket sales for "Oppenheimer" to $965 million.

Starring Cillian Murphy, the film opened in 343 theaters across Japan, landing in 3rd place at the box office. Despite facing tough competition from other movies like "A Strange House" and "Haikyu!!", "Oppenheimer" managed to hold its own. Universal Pictures defended the film's performance, highlighting its success in surpassing the opening weekend box office numbers of major blockbusters like "Aquaman 2" and "Dune 2" in Japan.

Released in most countries last year, Japan's delayed premiere was due to the sensitive subject matter of the atomic bomb's creation. However, Indie distributor Bitters End proceeded with the release, emphasizing the importance of experiencing Christopher Nolan's work on the big screen.

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