Summer Bunni tearfully apologizes to Cardi B for her alleged involvement with Offset.


Offset's alleged mistress, Summer Bunni, has issued a tearful apology to Cardi B following their recent public breakup. The apology, captured on video by TMZ, shows Bunni expressing remorse for her actions and acknowledging the pain she has caused to Cardi.

In the heartfelt video, Bunni tearfully admits to her involvement in the affair with Offset, claiming that she never intended to be a home-wrecker. She expresses her deep regret for any hurt she may have caused to Cardi, emphasizing that she never wanted to be a factor in their relationship problems.

Summer Bunni also addresses Cardi B directly, apologizing for her role in the affair and admitting that she didn't think her actions through. She tearfully confesses that she never wanted to be the reason behind their breakup or cause any harm to Cardi and her family.


Bunni further states that she has not had any contact with Offset since the news broke out, implying that she truly regrets her involvement in the situation. She also claims that she has not been intimate with him and had no knowledge of the seriousness of their relationship.

The alleged mistress appears to be sincere and visibly upset throughout the apology video, expressing her desire for Cardi to know that she never had any intentions of breaking up their marriage. She emphasizes that she is deeply sorry for the pain she has caused.

According to TMZ, the video was released as a response to Cardi B's recent announcement of her split from Offset. The rapper took to Instagram to reveal that she and Offset were separating, citing irreconcilable differences. Since then, rumors and speculation about the alleged affair between Offset and Summer Bunni have been circulating.


It is important to note that the authenticity of the video could not be independently confirmed. However, TMZ claims to have exchanged messages with Bunni, in which she apologizes and takes responsibility for her actions.

Whether or not this apology will have any impact on Cardi B's feelings towards Offset and their marital issues remains uncertain. Fans and followers will continue to speculate and closely follow the couple's unfolding story, as they wait to see what the future holds for their relationship.


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