How Taylor Swift became a billionaire: Hit music, record-breaking tours, luxury real estate and more

Taylor Swift was officially declared a billionaire by Forbes in April 2024, less than 20 years after her music debut. Through strategic business moves, she reached a $1.1 billion net worth by age 34. Swift re-recorded her first five albums ahead of Scooter Braun's controversial sale. She released successful new albums under Universal Music Group, earning $400 million from her music catalog by 2019. Swift made $130 million in Spotify streams alone in 2023. Her music royalties and real estate such as properties in Nashville, Rhode Island, and New York, have contributed to her wealth. Swift's influence, with 283 million Instagram followers, led to lucrative endorsements with companies like Coca-Cola. Despite her successful career, Swift had a financial foundation from her parents, Scott and Andrea Swift, whose net worth is estimated at $10 million.

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