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Jason's arrest had everyone in Port Charles on edge. The week of April 1 – April 5, 2024, was filled with drama and emotions surrounding his return and the aftermath of his actions.

In one intense moment, Jason turned himself in and had a heart-to-heart with his partner, John. Meanwhile, Chase was reeling after seeing Dante's presumed shooter and decided to confront him, with Brook Lynn by his side. The tension spilled over to General Hospital, where heated conversations about Jason's arrest took place, witnessed by Elizabeth and Willow.

Family dynamics were strained as Trina struggled to cope with Spencer's death, while Michael broke the news to Josslyn about Jason's arrest. As emotions ran high, Anna confronted Jason about the shooting, leading to a revelation about his secret partnership with John.

The courtroom scene during Jason's arraignment was intense, with alliances forming and tensions rising. Despite the chaos, there were moments of hope and reconciliation, as relationships were tested and secrets were revealed. As the week unfolded, the residents of Port Charles faced the consequences of Jason's actions and grappled with the uncertainty of the future.

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