WATCH: Frustrated Angel Reese Elbows Colorado Guard as LSU Faces a Reality Check in NCAA Season Opener

The LSU Tigers started the 2023-24 NCAA season with an upset, as they lost to the 20th-ranked Colorado Buffaloes in their first game of the season. While the game was a spectacle to watch, many moments unfolded that caught the eyes of fans. 

The game between the Tigers and the Buffaloes was highly anticipated, as the fans rooted for the Tigers to win based on their past performances. But the defending champions shocked the world as they lost to the Buffaloes with a Final score of 92-78. During the match, a moment unfolded in which Angel Reese was seen hitting an opponent in the face. 

The LSU star elbows Jaylyn Sherrod

During the match, with 7 minutes and 50 seconds left on the clock of the second quarter, LSU Tigers were in the lead with the score of 20-16. Jaylyn Sherrod of the Colorado Buffaloes and Angel Reese of the LSU Tigers jumped to secure a rebound. While both of them fumbled the ball, on their way down Reese’s elbow accidentally made contact with Jaylyn Sherrod’s head. Within a blink of an eye, Sherrod was on the floor holding her face in pain and the officials stopped the game.

This moment led Sherrod to take a short break to recover on the sidelines. When she came back she dropped 19 points, caught 8 rebounds, and made 6 assists, helping her team emerge victorious.

Notably, this game served as a reality check for the LSU Tigers. 

An eye opener for the Tigers

With players like Angel Reese, Flau’Jae Johnson, and Hailey Van Lith, the LSU Tigers have one of the strongest lineups for this NCAA season. However, the game against the Buffaloes turned out to be an eye-opener for the defending national champions.

In their first game, after securing the first basketball national championship in LSU history, they suffered a huge upset as they lost with a final score of 92-78.



From the start of the game, the Buffaloes made it clear that they didn’t come here to lose no matter what opponent they were facing. Buffaloes’ Frida Formann put on an incredible performance, as she scored a career-high of 27 points. 

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The Tigers are eyeing for their second consecutive champisonship. And if they want to secure that, they need to live up to the tough competition. But as the season unfolds, fans would be hoping to see a roaring return of the Lady Tigers.

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