Ray J Says Diddy's Friends Need Time to Process Before Defending Him

Ray J believes that the collective silence of Diddy's closest friends in the entertainment industry is due to the need for more information on the mounting allegations. In a recent encounter with TMZ Hip Hop at LAX, Ray J expressed his lack of surprise at the lack of public support for Diddy amidst the federal raids and civil lawsuit claims. While choosing to remain silent on specific details of Diddy's parties, Ray J speculates that Diddy's A-list pals are also taking the time to understand the unfolding cases before making any statements. In the midst of the controversy, Ray J shared details about his new Tronix network, which features a range of content from upscale cooking shows to edgy TV series. With a focus on diversity and inclusion, Ray J is optimistic about the network's future success. As the hip hop industry navigates this challenging time, Ray J envisions potential collaboration amongst top figures to revolutionize the TV landscape.

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