Bird and Taurasi's Hilarious Response to Angel Reese's Taunting of Caitlin Clark Leaves Fans Amused

Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi, two renowned basketball players, have expressed their disapproval over Angel Reese's taunting of Caitlin Clark during a live match. The incident occurred for the second time, and both Bird and Taurasi deemed Reese's behavior as going "overboard."

Reese, a player for the University of Maryland, engaged in taunting and trash-talking towards Clark, who plays for the University of Iowa, during a live NCAA women's basketball game. This incident was not the first time Reese had engaged in such behavior. As a result, Bird and Taurasi, who have witnessed and experienced various forms of gamesmanship throughout their careers, felt compelled to speak out against Reese's actions.

During a conversation on ESPN's "Around The Horn" show, Sue Bird, a four-time Olympic gold medalist and WNBA champion, described Reese's behavior as excessive. Bird highlighted that it is important to find a balance between competitiveness and respect for fellow athletes, as taunting can cross a line and become harmful to the game and the players involved.

Diana Taurasi, an 11-time WNBA All-Star, echoed Bird's sentiments. She emphasized the significance of sportsmanship and treating opponents with respect. Taurasi explained that while competitiveness is an integral part of the game, excessive taunting can have negative consequences and detract from the spirit of fair play.

The incident has sparked a broader discussion within the basketball community about sportsmanship and appropriate behavior on the court. Many players and coaches have expressed their support for Bird and Taurasi's stance, emphasizing the need for a respectful and professional approach to the game.

As for Caitlin Clark, she has handled the situation with maturity and grace. While acknowledging the taunting, she chose to focus on her game and remain unfazed by Reese's actions. Clark's composure amidst the taunting serves as a testament to her mental strength and determination.

Ultimately, Bird and Taurasi's criticism of Reese's taunting is a reminder to all athletes that the game should be played with respect and fairness.


While competitiveness is a natural element of sports, it should never override the basic principles of sportsmanship. This incident serves as an opportunity for players, coaches, and fans to reflect on their behavior and strive for a more positive and respectful environment within the sports community.

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