Jennifer Garner says Reese Witherspoon helped her through a 'very hard moment' with dance

At the star-studded Shine Away Event hosted by Hello Sunshine in Los Angeles, the charming Jennifer Garner had some heartwarming words for her close friend Reese Witherspoon. As they sat on the panel, Garner couldn't help but gush about how Witherspoon had been a pillar of support during a tough period in her life. It was revealed that the bond between them was strengthened through energetic dance cardio sessions, with Witherspoon's dedication shining through even after she had fractured her foot.

Their friendship was truly on display during the event, highlighting not only their strong connection but also their mutual goal of empowering women in the entertainment industry. Garner made sure to express her gratitude towards Witherspoon for creating a safe and inclusive space for actresses to share their voices. Witherspoon, in return, took to Instagram to share her love for the panel and the meaningful discussions that took place.

This heartwarming exchange showcased the power of friendship and solidarity among leading ladies in Hollywood, leaving fans in awe of their bond and shared mission.

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