True Friendship|Stray Cat Protects His Sick Friend With Disabled Legs From Danger

Norang has had no choice but to do her best to try and survive on the streets she was born into, having been badly injured, leaving her with a severe disability in both her hind legs.

She probably may not have been able to cope without the constant support and friendship of her lifelong companion Navi.

Navi, comforts Norang, shares his food with her and sleeps with every night.

He has Norangs back, constantly looking out for her and making sure she is OK.

He sometimes goes off on his own, but he always comes back.

And even protects her from other stray cats in the area.

Navi and Norang have been taken care of by a kind-hearted local woman who makes sure they have plenty of food and water.

She soon noticed the Navi's health was steadily declining, it became clear she would need to be rescued and taken to a vet for a checkup.

A decision was made to rescue Navi as well and check his health too. First however they need to trap them!


Along with a vet a rescue team is formed and both cats are soon trapped and taken to the veterinary hospital.

The vets find that Norang is in relatively good health but Navi's legs have suffered severe nerve damage perhaps due to a previous fight?

Due to the way she has been forced to walk her hind legs have been rubbed raw!

The injury has resulted in severe nerve damage which has forced her to walk in an awkward fashion.

The good news is that her nervous system is not entirely damaged and after treatment she may walk normally again.

After just a couple of months the change in Norang is miraculous, she is walking like a normal cat, even running and jumping.

And the news just keeps getting better, the kind-hearted woman that was feeding the two street cats has decided to give them a home and make them part of her family.

They now have their own room where they can take their time fully adjusting to a safe life indoors, no longer have to fight for survival.

A life in their own forever home, fed loved and most importantly of all….

…..still together.

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