Jason Momoa Discusses His 'Surprising Singing and Dancing' in Super Bowl Ad: ‘Comedy is Not My Usual Gig’ (Exclusive)

Jason Momoa, known for his onscreen talents, has taken on a new challenge in singing and dancing.

The 44-year-old actor stars alongside Zach Braff and Donald Faison in T-Mobile's 2024 Super Bowl commercial. The trio spoke to PEOPLE on the set in Valencia, California, discussing Momoa's debut in the musical spot.

Momoa stepped out of his comfort zone for the commercial, which features the tune of Irene Cara's "What a Feeling" from the movie Flashdance. "It's my first time singing, first time dancing," he admits.

Momoa shares that he was initially presented with the idea for the commercial through a homemade "short film" created by Faison, Braff, and director Brian Klugman using an iPhone from a pool in Miami.

"The presentation was well-crafted. I had never received a pitch like this before, and I couldn't stop laughing while watching it. I thought to myself, did these guys put this together? It was beautiful," Momoa reveals.

Braff explains that the three of them were in Miami for AdWeek at the time, and they never expected to be chosen for T-Mobile's Super Bowl commercial three years in a row. However, they decided to give it a shot and brainstormed while relaxing in the pool.

Momoa loved the "hilarious" pitch, but his initial thought was that he can't sing and someone else would have to do it. He had never sung before and was unsure of his abilities.

Arriving on set, Momoa discovered another surprise when he learned that he would be dancing as well.

According to Braff and Faison, Momoa did an excellent job rising to the challenge. "He fits in perfectly because we come out here and act like goofballs, and Jason joins us with his silliness," says Braff.

Momoa expresses gratitude for the support he received from Braff and Faison on set. The comedic duo is thrilled to have him alongside them for the T-Mobile Home Internet commercial.

"It's like joining a family when working with Zach and Donald. You see them on shows, and you feel like you know them.


Meeting them in person, you hope they won't be difficult, but they're amazing and supportive," Momoa shares.

Faison adds that Momoa was eager to do whatever they asked of him on set, even getting doused with water. "We started joking around from the first rehearsal of us knocking on the door," he reveals.

"He just jumped right into it," adds Braff.

Momoa, who is typically not hired for comedy roles, enjoyed the opportunity to participate in comedic projects like this.

His Super Bowl commercial costars predict that his performance in the spot might lead to more comedic roles for the movie star in the future.

In conclusion, make sure to tune in to Super Bowl LVIII on February 11th, taking place at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

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