Dean McDermott Says Divorce from Tori Spelling Was Long Time Coming

Dean McDermott is showing that he's not letting his recent relationship troubles get the best of him, as he continues to move forward after Tori Spelling filed for divorce. In a recent clip captured over the weekend, Dean appears unfazed by the news of the divorce, calmly answering questions from a paparazzi interviewer. Despite admitting that the decision to end their marriage was a long time coming, Dean maintains a positive and composed demeanor.

This response is a stark contrast to Tori's recent revelation on her podcast about Dean sharing intimate details of their relationship with the media being the breaking point for her. While Tori is seeking spousal support and sole physical custody of their five children, Dean seems to be handling the situation with grace and understanding. It's clear that this high-profile split has been a long time in the making, but Dean is taking it all in stride.

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