Disney Suffers Billions in Losses as Ryan Reynolds Sparks Chaos Over Deadpool 3

Ryan Reynolds has created a huge problem for Disney, resulting in the loss of billions of dollars due to a dispute surrounding the production of Deadpool 3. The CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, is reportedly furious about the situation.

Disney acquired the rights to Deadpool, an extremely successful Marvel franchise, when it purchased 20th Century Fox. Reynolds, who plays the title role and has been an essential part of the franchise's success, has been working with Marvel Studios and Disney to develop the highly anticipated third installment.

However, tensions between Reynolds and Disney emerged when the studio decided to make Deadpool 3 a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

According to sources, Reynolds strongly disagreed with this decision, as he believed that the unique and mature tone of the Deadpool movies would be compromised by becoming part of the family-friendly MCU.

Reynolds even met with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and other top executives to voice his concerns. He argued that Deadpool's R-rated humor and graphic violence were pivotal to the character's appeal and success, and integrating the film into the MCU would water down its essence.

The dispute escalated to a point where Reynolds threatened to walk away from the project entirely, leaving Disney in a precarious position.

The loss of Reynolds could potentially lead to a significant drop in audience interest and box office revenue for Deadpool 3.

Bob Iger, known for his disciplined leadership style, became increasingly furious as the conflict unfolded. The loss of billions of dollars at stake, combined with the potential damage to Disney's reputation, pushed Iger to intervene personally in an attempt to salvage the situation.

Iger held a series of emergency meetings with Reynolds and other key players involved in the production. The CEO ultimately had to make a difficult decision and agreed to Reynolds' demands. Deadpool 3 will be developed as a standalone film, separate from the MCU, allowing the franchise to maintain its distinct tone and mature content.


Although Disney may have felt cornered into accepting Reynolds' terms, the decision was likely driven by the enormous financial success of the previous Deadpool films. Both Deadpool and Deadpool 2 were box office hits, largely due to the irreverent humor and adult-oriented content that differentiated them from other superhero movies.

While Disney may have lost billions of dollars in potential revenue due to the dispute, they recognized the greater importance of preserving the integrity of the Deadpool franchise. Ryan Reynolds' stand for creative control ultimately paid off, ensuring that fans will continue to enjoy the unique and beloved world of Deadpool in the highly anticipated third installment.

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