VIDEO: Young Basketball Players See Kids Being Cruel, Walk Off Court

Some middle school boys were in the middle of a game when they saw something happening in the stands. They immediately stopped, dropped everything, and walked off the court to show their disgust with the situation.

Desiree Andrews is a cheerleader in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and she learned firsthand that middle school isn't always the kindest of places. Middle school can certainly be a trying time as preteens turn into full-fledged teenagers, and emotions and awkwardness run amok. For some, it's made especially difficult if there is something about them that sets them apart from the herd.

Sadly, while on the sidelines during a school basketball game, cheering on her team, Desiree caught the attention of rival fans in the stands.

A few attendees began bullying the young girl, but unbeknownst to them, they captured the attention of three Lincoln Middle School basketball players, who weren't too pleased. Miles Rodriguez, Chase Vasquez, and Scooter Terrien took notice when fans in the stand decided to bully Desiree, who goes by "D" and happens to have Down syndrome, and the boys weren't about to tolerate seeing her being picked onWhile some might have dismissed the incident as just another example of kids being cruel, these players stepped up to make it stop. In fact, they even halted the basketball game as they decided to do something about it.
 Proving Desiree has some friends in her corner, they came to her defense, stopping the game by leaving the court. "The kids in the audience were picking on D, so we all stepped forward," Chase told a Milwaukee news outlet, describing the moment he and a few other players rallied to support the eighth-grade girl.

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