Dave Coulier Shares Emotional Voicemail From Bob Saget on Podcast with Kelly Rizzo

A recent episode of the Full House Rewind podcast took a heartfelt turn as Dave Coulier, known for his role as Uncle Joey on the hit show, shared a touching voicemail left by his late co-star Bob Saget. Saget's widow, Kelly Rizzo, also made an appearance in the episode to reflect on her husband's passing earlier this year.

During the emotional episode, Coulier recalled Saget's compassionate nature, describing him as the "biggest hugger" and sharing how Saget reached out to him following the loss of his brother in 2021. Coulier decided to share the personal voicemail with listeners to inspire compassion and support for loved ones during difficult times.

Listeners and fans of Full House expressed their gratitude for the touching tribute, with many commenting on how the voicemail brought them to tears. Coulier also took the opportunity to thank Rizzo for bringing happiness into Saget's life and for being a comforting presence during his friend's final days.

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