ASAP Rocky seething as Chris Brown lavishes praise on Rihanna during live performance

Rapper ASAP Rocky was reportedly angered when singer Chris Brown complimented his ex-girlfriend Rihanna during a concert. The incident took place when Brown praised Rihanna's music while performing on stage. Brown's comment apparently did not sit well with ASAP Rocky, who is believed to still have feelings for the Barbadian singer. The incident highlights the ongoing tension between the two musicians and their shared romantic history.

During his performance, Brown paused between songs to express his admiration for Rihanna's talent. He referred to her as a "queen" and complimented her songs, causing a mixed reaction from the audience.

While some cheered, others seemed taken aback by Brown's unexpected declaration of support. However, it was ASAP Rocky's reaction that drew the most attention.

Sources reveal that ASAP Rocky was visibly upset by Brown's remarks. The rapper allegedly became furious backstage, expressing his anger and frustration to his team. This reaction may hint at his unresolved feelings for Rihanna, who he dated back in 2013. It is known that ASAP Rocky has spoken about his ongoing emotional attachment to his ex-girlfriend in the past, which is likely why Brown's comments hit a nerve.

It is worth noting that Chris Brown and ASAP Rocky have a complicated history themselves.

The two musicians have had Their feud dates back several years. In 2013, they exchanged heated words on Twitter, leading to a physical altercation between their respective entourages at a New York City nightclub. The incident resulted in many rumors and speculations about tension and rivalry between the two.

Furthermore, Rihanna is no stranger to this complicated love triangle. She dated Chris Brown on and off for several years, enduring a highly publicized abusive relationship that ended in 2009. Rihanna then dated ASAP Rocky briefly in 2013, before they decided to remain friends. With all these intertwining relationships, it is understandable that tensions may arise when any of them are brought up on stage.


The incident at the concert serves as a reminder that romance and past relationships can still cause friction and emotional reactions, even among celebrities. The ongoing dynamic between ASAP Rocky, Chris Brown, and Rihanna continues to be a topic of interest for their fans and the media. While it remains to be seen whether the tensions will escalate further, it is clear that the sensitive topic of past relationships should be handled with delicacy in the public eye.

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