Mel Gibson Thanks Robert Downey Jr. For Defending Him After Antisemitic Rant

Mel Gibson, the actor/director whose career took a hit after an arrest and antisemitic outburst in 2006, is now crediting his friend Robert Downey Jr. for helping him revive his Hollywood legacy. In a recent Esquire interview, Gibson expressed his gratitude to RDJ for being one of the few A-listers willing to offer him a second chance during his dark period.

Gibson recalled a time when he felt "nonexistent in Hollywood" due to being blacklisted after his controversial incident. He praised Downey Jr. for standing up for him at an awards show in 2011, where the Iron Man star defended Gibson and called for forgiveness.

Despite the lingering impact of his past actions, Gibson acknowledges the role that Downey Jr. played in bringing him back into the spotlight and helping him continue his career in the film industry. With several films and an Oscar nomination under his belt since then, Gibson is grateful for his friend's support during his time of need.

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