Stars Get Shady For The 2024 Solar Eclipse

Celebrities turned their attention to the sky on Monday as the 2024 Solar Eclipse stole the spotlight from Hollywood. Stars like Patrick Mahomes, Nina Dobrev, Jessica Biel, Jimmy Kimmel, Danny Trejo, and more were spotted sporting safety glasses to witness the rare celestial event. While some, like Mahomes' daughter Sterling Skye, were eager to catch a glimpse, others, like Nina Dobrev, couldn't resist taking a quick peek without proper eyewear. Even "Selling Sunset" boss Jason Oppenheim was captivated by the eclipse, as he took to the waters off the coast of Baja Sur to witness it firsthand. The mesmerizing sight of the eclipse seemed to mesmerize even the most seasoned stars, proving that when nature puts on a show, not even Hollywood can compete.

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