Stephen A Smith mercilessly shuts down Caitlin Clark antics and defends Angel Reese, earning ESPN's praise as Clap Back Queen.

In this article, the main idea is that Stephen A Smith strongly criticizes Caitlin Clark's behavior and applauds Angel Reese for her response. ESPN even labels Reese as the "Clap Back Queen." The content will be summarized below within 400 words.

Stephen A Smith has expressed his disappointment and disapproval towards the actions of Caitlin Clark, while also praising Angel Reese for her response. This has resulted in ESPN recognizing Reese as the "Clap Back Queen."

Smith made his views known during a recent episode of ESPN's popular sports talk show. He spared no punches as he harshly criticized Clark for what he described as "antics.

" Smith voiced his disappointment in Clark's behavior, suggesting that it was unprofessional and ill-mannered.

The outspoken commentator highlighted the importance of maintaining proper conduct, especially for young athletes aspiring to play at the professional level. Smith emphasized that how players carry themselves both on and off the court is crucial to their future careers, and Clark fell short in this aspect.

Furthermore, Smith commended Reese for her approach in handling the situation. The ESPN analyst praised Reese for her composed demeanor and for not stooping to the same level as Clark.

He applauded her ability to rise above the situation and maintain her professionalism.

Smith's perspective on Clark's antics resonated with ESPN, leading them to name Reese the "Clap Back Queen." This title indicates that Reese had effectively responded to Clark's behavior in a powerful and impressive manner.

Overall, the article highlights Smith's strong disapproval of Caitlin Clark's actions and his support for Angel Reese. The fact that ESPN recognized Reese as the "Clap Back Queen" further solidifies Smith's sentiments. It underscores the significance of maintaining proper behavior and an exemplary attitude, especially for the younger generation of athletes.


Smith's criticism serves as a reminder to aspiring athletes that their conduct both on and off the field will play a significant role in their professional journey. It emphasizes the importance of behaving in a manner that will positively impact their future careers.

On the other hand, Reese's ability to handle the situation with maturity and professionalism showcases the qualities that can set athletes apart. Her response has been celebrated by both Smith and ESPN, highlighting her commendable conduct in the face of adversity.

In conclusion, this article revolves around Stephen A Smith's strong critique of Caitlin Clark's behavior, contrasted with his support for Angel Reese. ESPN's recognition of Reese as the "Clap Back Queen" further emphasizes the significance of displaying professionalism and handling adversity with grace.

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